MaGourmet and MaGooGoo
There are two different sizes of hamburgers; a 6oz and a 4oz (¼ pound). The only difference is size. Both burgers are made daily from fresh ground and include our own blend of spices and served on a fresh toasted bun. Eggs and bread crumbs (from our baker) are used only as binders and not as fillers. Burgers are cooked well done unless a customer asks for it otherwise.

Chicken Magoo
This is a boneless breast of chicken that has been marinaded in a combination of lemon juice, rosemary and garlic. It is grilled and served on either a bun like a burger or it can be sliced and put on a caesar or garden salad.

Gourmet Dog and Kiddy Dog
The Gourmet Dog is a ¼ pound Angus beef dog, served on a fresh bun. It has no fillers.
The Kiddy dog is a 7” hot dog and is made of beef, pork and chicken, served on the same bun as the Gourmet Dog.

Get Back Magoo
This is our back bacon on a bun. The bacon is grilled and served on afresh toasted bun.

Veggie Burger and Old School Veggie
The veggie patty is a soy based burger that is make from a mix. They have the same look and almost the same consistency of our regular burgers.
The Old School Veggieis a toasted bun with fresh vegetables. It includes all of the condiments and cheese is included.

French Fries, Spicy Fries and Onion Rings
Our french fries are fresh cut every morning, blanched and then deep fried to perfection in trans fat free oil. We use seasoning salt to add a little extra zip to their flavour.
The spicy fries are a McCain’s product and are lightly battered and seasoned before deep frying to make them crisper.
Our onion rings are a battered onion ring that are deep fried to perfection.

Chicken Fingers
We use only the best chicken fingers that are lightly battered and then deep fried. They are served with a choice of plum, bbq or Magoo Sauce for dipping.

Caesar and Garden Salads
We make our own caesar dressing and it has an excellent flavour and a special zip. Garden salads are made from the same fresh romaine lettuce. Toppings include all of the available condiments and include fresh tomato, onion and cucumber as well as a choice of cheese. Dressings are Catalina, Ranch, Balsamic and low fat Italian, all made by Kraft. Fresh romaine lettuce is used for both our salads.

Our milkshakes are made from only ice cream and 2% milk. Any flavour ice cream in the display freezer can be made into a shake.